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"You've got got a very precious treasure contained into a big chest, but a horde of angry goblins want to steal it to you...  You have to protect it ! To this aim, you've got some weapons that will appear on the map to kill these nasty goblins. Be carefull, they appears from everywhere through some weird blue portals."

The game is currently in his first version of development and there is a lot of stuff to do so as to finish it: add some new weapons, sound, a pause menu, a tutorial page and so much to have something as I wanted.

I created this game to the occasion of the 2D GameJam : https://itch.io/jam/odg2d-jam

But its development will continue after the end of this Jam. Do not hesitate to follow it and to comment below so as to advice me some new ideas or bugs.

NEW Update:  Version 0.2 (18/04 17:21):

In this version the game has now menus (Main Menu, Pause Menu, Game Over).

Moreover, we can now see how much lives has each goblin before he dies (thanks to a health bar) and the difficulty has been increased. In the main menu you can now also see what keys to use to play to this game.

NEW Update:  Version 0.21 (19/04 2:19):

New assets in the game, new main menu and sound has been added.

Next objectives: add a way to calculate the score of the player, add different weapons, add different diffculties and diffiulty evolving with time, add markers to see ennemis and the chest in the middle.


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